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MG&L partners with companies that possess decades of experience in pipeline contracting, allowing us to offer Governments a diverse group of specialized services, including pipeline and gas distribution, pipeline emergency response, utility and communications installation, pipe and vessel fabrication, and general industrial construction. MG&L has the capability today to mobilize the world’s leading companies to deliver equipment, human and capital resources to locations globally. Our unique strengths position us to work with the worlds most diversified pipeline companies as consultants for marketing, project acquisition, bid pricing, and win strategies that are unmatched in the markets where we operate. Our clients are well known and have stellar reputations for integrity and sustaining long term commitments under the most complex pipeline project scenarios. As a leader in business development, the MG&L Pipeline Construction Practice selectively identifies partners based on their environmental safety and health procedures as a solution for best in class projects. Our promise to the Governments we serve include knowledge transfer, local workforce skill development and training, safety and high workforce morale. Our results create the infrastructure that delivers energy for quality of life.



Misha Gerhard & Lewis LLC is International Strategic Consulting Firm with an extensive presence in the most rapidly developing regions of the world.


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