The MG&L Organic Commodities Practice understands the global movement towards healthier food consumption habits. More than being a global movement, the organic agriculture industry is an economic market of increasing size and proliferation. We track market growth, profitability, sizing and consumer trends as they evolve to ensure that our growers of Organic products can move toward the markets where maximum impact can be realized. Today the organic global business is tracking at 35 Billion and is growing consistently.

MG&L possesses strategic partnerships with Organic growers that move product globally and open expansion markets with innovative financing solutions and breakthrough supply chain integrations that lower cost and barriers to entry. MG&L is the partner of choice for global distribution in Organic and our services augment the brand awareness and marketing campaigns that establish new and loyal customers for our growers. Most importantly, in the organic market, MG&L practice area executives work directly with each grower and often aggregate grower supply to achieve economies of scale and therefore added value to end consumers worldwide. We offer a diverse range of organic products including bananas, coffee, shrimp, poultry and more. Our promise to our growers is new and growing markets they can rely on, and to our end consumers, we extend our commitment to wholesome, safe products and a process for verifying organic purity and quality.




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