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The MG&L Housing practice offers a highly effective results oriented consultant service to support the multinational builder that is seeking projects in overseas markets where national development plans for modern urban housing are ambitious. Our results oriented business development services open doors, win bids and deliver engineering guidance and market intelligence to ensure project success. For Governments in the MENA region we ensure that their delivered residential projects offer a lifestyle enhanced, singularly distinctive solution that respects culture and the natural environment as a corollary of quality urban planning. Our goal is to bring innovation and modern residential trends in the building industry together with engineering excellence and technology for the realization of quality of life and healthy living values in apartment and condominium environments. MG&L’s Housing practice will continue to grow through its focus on culture and the ultimate satisfaction of the end-customer who’s families and children realize their dreams at home in our communities.





Misha Gerhard & Lewis LLC is International Strategic Consulting Firm with an extensive presence in the most rapidly developing regions of the world.


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