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Our Organic Quinoa


Our Quinoa is the Millennial grain of gold of the los Andes, characterized by a high content of protein, high in fiber, Omega 3 and is gluten free. It has a strategic alternative food potential and contributes to sustainable food and nutritional security for humanity. Thanks to the extraordinary nutritional composition of quinoa flour, its flour serves as the alternative to enrich other foods such as biscuits, pastries, smoothies and pastries. In turn it can be used to prepare refreshments and can be consumed in liquefied form juices. Rolled products from the grain of gold serve to reduce cooking time and can be consumed mixed with milk, nuts or other cereals. This product is also ideal for breakfast. It is the presentation of the clarifying Golden Grain, and in its free seed coat (shell) form, is ready to consume after boiling. It is used as a cereal accompanying a morning meal or in stews and soups.

Product Description:

This grain is native to the highlands of Peru and Bolivia where it is widely grown since ancient times. It has high protein content and an excellent amino acid balance that makes it a unique grain. It is also gluten-free.  We can offer our quinoa both organic and conventional according to our client's needs. In all cases the quinoa is washed and the saponin is removed.  Our growers are the only farmers that conduct the entier production process at the actual growing region (including color sorting) thus ensuring that the product is ideally preserved.

General Standards:

This product is manufactured and shipped in accordance with GMP, Food Safety Directives and HACCP guidelines. No stabilizers, preservatives or other additives are added.  The organic quinoa has USDA Organic and EU Organic Certifications.




Why Choose Us?

Product : Whole grain White Quinoa, Organic or Conventional
Botanical Name : Chenopodium quinoa 
HS Code : 1008901900
Country of Origin: Peru 
10kg paper kraft bags or poly laminated sacks.  
Customized retail packaging is also available. 
Storage: product is to be stored in a cool, dry place.
Max temperature: 21°C (70°F)
Max humidity: 70% 
Shelf life: 24 months 
Load capacity: 22 MT per 20’ FCL
Availability: All year round 
Physical/ Chemical Size: 1.4 . 1.8mm 
Purity: .99.98%  
Foreign matters: .0.02%
Damaged grains: .1%
Red and black grains: .1%
Moisture: <13%
Misha Gerhard & Lewis can arrange Importers' trip to the factory for the quality control and the inspection of the packaging process.


Health Benefit *

  • Lower the rist of type 2 diabetes  
  • Prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Improve obesity
  • Prevent colon cancer
  • High in protein 
  • Increase brain function 
  • Boost metabolism 
  • Fiber, Maganaese, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Folate, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Potassium 

Estimated Delivery Time

27 days

17 days

32 days

S. Korea
25 days

N. Europe
18 days


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