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Our Organic Poultry


MG&L believes that eating healthy and clean sources of protein is absolutely important in order to prevent disease and extend a healthy life. We believe that our organic products are vastly superior to the unhealthy chicken available in grocery establishments and the typical restaurant. Our certified organic free-range chicken the cleanest and healthiest source of protein for any health conscious family. As part of our Organic standard we assure all of our customers that our birds are raised free of synthetic pesticides, antibiotics or synthetic hormones. MG&L collaborates with a select group of organic farmers who are committed to the belief that chickens should be raised in an all-natural process.

Therefore, it is our commitment to our customers that we will provide only nature’s best freely roaming poultry that have also been raised with free access to sunlight, fresh air and that have consumed an all vegetarian organic feed. We work closely with independent and sustainable agricultural cooperatives, and family farmers, who practice organic methods that produce healthy food that is friendly to our environment. Our poultry products will always arrive as the most tasty, succulent, tender, and delicious product for the family. We further guarantee that our chicken feed is grown on the farm free of pesticides, animal product or fertilizers. 


Why Choose Us?

Vegetarian Diet
No Antibiotics  
Raised Without Added Hormones 
Free-Range Organic Chickens  
No chemical stimulators 
Certified by the USDA  
No Preservatives 
No Added Water 
Medium Size Birds
NO Pesticide Treated Grains 
NO Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) 
NO Animal By Products
NO Grains Grown with Chemical Fertilizers 
NO Antibiotics 
NO Synthetic Amino Acids  
Misha Gerhard & Lewis can arrange Importers' trip to the factory for the quality control and the inspection of the packaging process.

Health Benefit *

  • High in protein - lean and low fat
  • Help imporove depression - tryptophan
  • Free of hormones and antibiotics
  • Prevent bone loss 
  • Improve heart health 
  • Boost metabolism 
  • Fight cancer 
  • Improves eyesight
  • Help tissue growth 

Estimated Delivery Time

31 days

12 days

26 days

S. Korea
30 days

N. Europe
12 days


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