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Our Global Market

We Are the Standard of Excellence in New and Emerging Markets Globally


On the African continent, we are engaged in commodities trading, trade promotion, infrastructure development and the proliferation of Industrial...


On the Asian continent, we are engaged in building new markets where we are enabling our agricultural products to serve as premium import brands to consumers...


In the European Union, we are working with its strategic partners to bring capable infrastructure development companies into large civil works...

Middle East

In the Middle East, we are partnering with strategically placed agro commodities companies and leveraging our logistics capabilities to bring imported agricultural...

North America

In North America, we work closely with American poultry producers, agribusinesses and farmers to procure product that is sought by importers across the globe.

South America

In South America, we source high quality agricultural commodities and works directly with growers and local cooperatives to aggregate supply for delivery to...


Misha Gerhard & Lewis LLC is International Strategic Consulting Firm with an extensive presence in the most rapidly developing regions of the world.


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