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The MG&L Energy Practice Area works through its strategic partnerships and has been active in the downstream Energy sector since 1971. Our experience spans the entire value chain, including downstream, and oil services. MG&L collaborates with partners from leading oil producing countries to help them meet competitive challenges and shape solutions that achieve their goals for high performance.

Our knowledge and expertise bring innovation into the downstream refining and distribution, power, and transportation sectors. 

MG&L employs industry specialists and professionals with first hand knowledge and experience in the crude oil and refined product industry. Our Energy Practice formulates innovative strategies that address challenges relating to the market dynamics or crude oil and refined product commodity movements. MG&L works globally to offer high value analysis and future-aware scenarios which provide the basis for developing real commodity trade strategy, investment evaluation, and market disrupting commercial impact at the global and regional level. Our areas of focus include market dynamics, geopolitics, economics & country risk, and integrated strategies that ensure the free flow of capital for activities in downstream oil, and the services sector.

Talk to a Misha Gerhard & Lewis Energy Practice professional about how we are enabling the free flow of crude and refined product with disruptive commercial strategies. Learn how our practice area consultants bring strategic value to the global energy sector and the strategic partners with whom we collaborate.


Misha Gerhard & Lewis LLC is International Strategic Consulting Firm with an extensive presence in the most rapidly developing regions of the world.


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