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MG&L's Agriculture Commodities Practice ensures global access to essential commodities through our Export and Trade business areas. We specialize in delivering supply of agricultural products grown in the United States and the most sought after locations around the world.

From US Poultry, Grains, Beef and Fruits to the highest quality foodstuffs from Ecuador, Chile and other sources globally, we deliver the highest value using the most reliable supply chain logistics available in today's market.

MG&L’s Commodities Practice is a truly vertically integrated value added service, and provides much more than just commodity acquisition services. We provide sophisticated market intelligence about trade laws and import regulations from our in country staff, advise about tariff regimes and ensure that our partners benefit with services for packaging, inland freight, flexible payment terms and opportunities for credit to be extended to our buyers of US products. Our trade services include logistics from port to port and we ensure quality inspection on delivery where we fully stand by our products and capture any instance of quality deviation to ensure a replacement is provided free of cost. To offer a truly integrated trade capacity we have formulated end-to-end supply chain partnerships with the world’s top performers and we ensure enduring quality and performance throughout each step in your product acquisition process. We truly partner and collaborate with our supply chain stakeholders and ensure that through this collaboration, we are delivering value at each step.

Talk to a Misha Gerhard & Lewis Commodities Practice expert about how we are succeeding with supply chain partnerships and vertically integrated trade services. Learn how we create strategic partnerships and truly collaborate with our in country experts to minimize cost, and gain pricing advantages.



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