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The I.R.S. is on few people’s most-loved lists, yet the agency needs more money to enforce the tax code, an economist says.

If elected, Joe Biden and his allies are preparing to pass climate change legislation, piece by piece — knowing full well that the candidate’s $2 trillion plan would be a tough sell.

Amtrak has reduced service and is poised to cut thousands of jobs. Rail supporters argue that, win or lose, the Democratic presidential candidate could shift the debate over the agency’s future.

There is heartbreak almost everywhere you look, our columnist says, but the stock market usually rises anyway.

Why Senate Republicans won’t help Americans in need.

Sea walls designed to defend Venice against “acqua alta,” or high water, went into use on Saturday, testing their ability to battle the Italian city’s increasingly menacing floods.

Federal prosecutors say James W. Cahill and 10 others accepted more than $100,000 in bribes in return for using their influence to help employers who had hired nonunion labor.

Taxes on gasoline and diesel increased by 9.3 cents a gallon on Thursday in a state once known for bargain fuel. The increase came a month after tolls on major roadways also went up.

The engineering and land management that enabled the state’s tremendous growth have left it more vulnerable to climate shocks — and those shocks are getting worse.

Built in less than two years to replace the collapsed Morandi bridge, the new span is already a point of pride for Italy. But residents fear it will not be enough to revive their aging port city.


Minister of Transport Amar Ghoul has announced 600km of new railway lines to be laid in Algeria. This is the latest project in one of the greatest railway network construction mega projects in the world today.

Siemens will supply signalling equipment for the Algiers Metro Line 1 extension. The contract, worth €20m includes provision of communications-based train control, Airlink radio transmission and Digiloc train location, in addition to staff training to operate the new systems.

The Chinese Ambassador to Algeria has told the press service APS, that up until the end of 2012, Chinese investments in Algeria totalled US$1.5 billion (€1.1 billion) over the past decade. More than 30,000 Chinese are working in Algeria in sectors including construction, road and rail infrastructures, for fifty major Chinese companies, he said.

With the African’s infrastructure financing needs growing as economic growth continues apace, the African Development Bank (AfDB) is launching a multi-billion dollar fund to finance infrastructure investment on the continent.

Africa's dream of becoming a continent of opportunity and destination for investment may become a reality soon with on-going plans to implement infrastructure development.

China hopes more countries can show sincerity while assisting infrastructure construction in Africa, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Wednesday.


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