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Thousands of dams across New York, many abandoned, are blocking fish migrations. A movement to remove them is growing.

As Xi Jinping visits Myanmar, fighting in ethnic borderlands threatens China’s ambitious investment plans.

Its biggest advantage is American stagnation.

Deals by Chinese companies to build ports, telecom networks and other infrastructure in poor countries have picked up, alarming some in the West.

There's a chronic problem lurking below New York City's streets: a labyrinth of aging infrastructure.

En Nepal y en muchos otros países, como Bolivia e India, las empresas privadas de camiones cisterna se han beneficiado de la escasez de agua.

Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to have lost patience and is proposing new tracks at the transit hub, even if modern rail tunnels are not built.

In Nepal and many other countries, private tanker operators profit from growing water scarcity.

His proposal would threaten scrutiny of big projects that could put communities and the environment at risk.

The White House, hoping to speed infrastructure projects like pipelines, will formally introduce changes to a half century-old landmark environmental law.


Minister of Transport Amar Ghoul has announced 600km of new railway lines to be laid in Algeria. This is the latest project in one of the greatest railway network construction mega projects in the world today.

Siemens will supply signalling equipment for the Algiers Metro Line 1 extension. The contract, worth €20m includes provision of communications-based train control, Airlink radio transmission and Digiloc train location, in addition to staff training to operate the new systems.

The Chinese Ambassador to Algeria has told the press service APS, that up until the end of 2012, Chinese investments in Algeria totalled US$1.5 billion (€1.1 billion) over the past decade. More than 30,000 Chinese are working in Algeria in sectors including construction, road and rail infrastructures, for fifty major Chinese companies, he said.

With the African’s infrastructure financing needs growing as economic growth continues apace, the African Development Bank (AfDB) is launching a multi-billion dollar fund to finance infrastructure investment on the continent.

Africa's dream of becoming a continent of opportunity and destination for investment may become a reality soon with on-going plans to implement infrastructure development.

China hopes more countries can show sincerity while assisting infrastructure construction in Africa, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Wednesday.


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