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In South America, Misha Gerhard & Lewis sources high quality agricultural commodities and works directly with growers and local cooperatives to aggregate supply for delivery to overseas markets.  We are directly engaged in meeting the needs of our growing markets across Asia, North America, the Middle East and the European Union through our established supply partnerships in this region.

Our supply partnerships include large plantations that exceed 6000 hectares of farmland, licensed exporters, local partners and agile high quality growers that comply with USA and EU food production safety standards and best practices.

In South America, we are working with farmers that grow for world-wide established brands and have been successful in launching new brands in China and North America. By working directly with farmer cooperatives we are able to aggregate supply and maintain a hands on approach to ensuring quality and best value.  To ensure that our customers are satisfied, we provide packaging, freight and logistics solutions and then we stand behind our products with a hands on inspection regime that ensures product quality is more than just a promise we make, but is a principle we practice.  Misha Gerhard & Lewis is well positioned through our direct purchasing to supply a variety of fresh agricultural products. We ensure that value, quality and purity remain our foremost principles that allow us to achieve the best results for our customers.

Talk to a Misha Gerhard & Lewis expert about our growers in South America, our quality standards and our best practices. Learn how we provide the highest quality standards based on international best practices so that product purity and your brand values are promoted.


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