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On the Asian continent, Misha Gerhard & Lewis is engaged in building new markets where we are enabling our agricultural products to serve as premium import brands to consumers looking for high quality products. We are also focused on delivering brands that succeed in large volume business with consistent supply availability and product quality. Our expansion markets here include China, Myanmar, Korea, and Indonesia where collectively the market growth trends remain favorable for our commodities trading practice. 

Our focus in Asia is to ensure we have the highest value proposition for our markets and that we manage our business with agility. Competition, detailed import product requirements and trade regulations necessitate that we operate with a more refined strategy to ensure the success of our suppliers’ brands.

Misha Gerhard & Lewis is there with a unique combination of market trends analysis, consumer demand focus, pricing strategy, and quality differentiation that enables true penetration and sales growth. We operate on the basis of these strategies and within trusted long standing relationships to allow for long term growth and ensure brand awareness.

Our partners include local market insiders, subject matter expert in Asia trade regulation, government partners, financial institutions, language experts, logistics companies and sales channel partners. We maintain brand awareness with a strategy that utilizes an on the ground presence in the markets we serve. These capabilities enable Misha Gerhard & Lewis to offer a true sales growth solution for our supplier partners and a level of confidence for our importers who are assured they can receive the quality that their customers seek.

Talk to a Misha Gerhard & Lewis experts about our established and enduring partnerships in the expansion markets we serve. Learn how we can support or augment your special agricultural product import goals with our on the ground presence in the regions where your need is mission critical. 



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Misha Gerhard & Lewis LLC is International Strategic Consulting Firm with an extensive presence in the most rapidly developing regions of the world.


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